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We were going to make a bad pun or play on words about this exclusive, but nevermind.


ECCC Variant ADVENTURE TIME #25 by Ian McGinty

Which ECCC covers are you guys into!?



Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con 2014 is just around the corner, and while I’ve been trying to figure out if I can make it to the very first Starbucks to complete my tour of original chain restaurant locations (I went to the first KFC back in 2005, there is a museum attached), the folks at Boom! Studios have been busy with a new set of variant covers! They’ll be offering a handful of Emerald City exclusive covers at the show, and they’re all pretty awesome.

Check our site to see the roster of ECCC variants, including a Nirvana-inspired take on Adventure Time, a new look at Lumberjanes #1, a Punch-Out!! homage for Regular Show: Skips, and a new cover for The Midas Flesh #1 by Sex Criminals artist Chip Zdarsky!

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Yo Smash? 

Here’s all of them, together in one convenient place! I also made a tile-able version for desktop or tumblr background. I debated putting my tumblr name in the image, but I didn’t do that because I didn’t like how it would look. So, I’m asking that if you use it as your blog background, don’t delete the signature and please give credit back to me somehow, like with my tumblr name and a link to the side or bottom of your blog. 

I kinda also want to make wrapping paper…. does anyone know if I can print my drawings of these characters without copyright infringement? From a brief exploration, it seems that if I want to sell it, its a no-go unless I get written permission. What do other artists do in these kinds of situations? :\

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